Micro SIM now available from Vodacom

The 64K Micro SIM that can be used with devices such as the Apple iPad and iPhone 4, is now available from Vodacom.

Micro SIM cards are about 52% smaller than regular SIM cards, yet they have the same thickness and contact arrangement as regular SIM cards and they operate in exactly the same manner too.  The new Apple iPad  and iPhone 4 will require the Micro SIM to be used on the Vodacom network.  Now just before you try to create your own Micro SIM card by using a chef knife and some scissors, we just wanted to let you know that these SIM cards are currently available at Vodashops (price: R105 each incl. VAT)!

You can activate the Micro SIM on Contract, Top Up  or Prepaid:

  • New Contract and Top Up clients will have to sign a 24 month contract and Prepaid clients will have to activate a Prepaid Starter Pack and then perform a SIM swap (@ R62.99 incl. VAT).
  • Existing clients can do a SIM swap (@ R62.99 incl. VAT) if they are not going to need their existing SIM cards anymore.  Alternatively the micro SIM could also be set up as a Twin Call SIM so your existing Data Contract can be used on either your existing regular SIM or on the Micro SIM on the iPad.  Unfortunately, though, both SIMs will not function at the same time.  This constraint practically means that one device will need to be disconnected when the other SIM is required to connect.

Once your Prepaid Micro SIM is activated, you need to find an easy and effective way to buy airtime and data bundles.  Vtime will recharge your Micro SIM direct and pinless with airtime and data bundles (Standard and Advanced data).  All you need to do is to register Vtime as a beneficiary on your internet banking and make an EFT.  Shortly after your EFT, you will receive an SMS from Vodacom to inform you that your Micro SIM has been recharged.  If your Micro SIM is in a device that cannot receive an SMS (e.g. the iPad), you will need to check your recharge history and new balance online via the “My Account” section on www.vodacom.co.za.

Warning:  If you attempt to use this SIM in devices not designed to support the Micro SIM, you may damage both the SIM and the device.

This is what the much talked about Micro SIM looks like:

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